About Us

Tucked away from the bustling shops of Palmdale Shopping Precinct in Upper Mount Gravatt is the inviting aroma of the bakery and grocery store Watany Manoushi.

If you are in the Gold Coast, please visit us here

The definition of a Manoushi (mna’ish – in its plural form) is a soft flat bread almost like a mini pizza cooked in a wood fire style oven.

It is mostly eaten in Lebanon at breakfast time with different toppings such as the classic Zaatar a simple mix of thyme, sesame seed, sumac and olive oil. The manoushi can also be created to look like a half crescent pie filled with halloumi – a cheese known for its squeaky, salty texture.

Other pastries available at Watany are the flavoursome Lahem Bi Ajin – a spicy lamb mince (all halal accredited).

We are open everyday 7am-7pm